Company Profile

As a global media company we connect, educate and strengthen business communities through market-leading events, digital products and publications.

Global Reach

Our operating divisions and offices are strategically located around the world to provide local expertise and global market access to the industries we serve.

Corporate Development

We continue to expand our products and services from the ground up and through acquisition or partnership with entrepreneurs, media producers and service providers.

About Us

Leadership Team

Our engaged and supportive leadership team is committed to increasing everyone’s chances for success. Through their visionary and thoughtful approach, they cultivate talented and empowered product and operational teams that develop exceptionally effective products and services.

LinkedIn Ted Wirth

President & Chief Executive Officer

LinkedIn Janice Rogers

Corporate Vice President – Human Resources

LinkedIn Oakley Dyer

Corporate Vice President – Strategy & Corporate Development

LinkedIn Whit Mitchell

Corporate Vice President - Finance

LinkedIn Mary Larkin

President - Diversified Communications USA

LinkedIn Carsten Holm

Managing Director – Diversified Communications UK

LinkedIn David Longman

Managing Director - Diversified Communications Australia

LinkedIn Rick Watson

Chief Executive Officer - Pri-Med


Supporting and Supported by These Media Associations

Supporting and Supported by These Media Associations

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